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"If you want to test a man's character, give him power."

Abraham Lincoln

Our Services

All our work is based on two principles:

1. Organisational crises have their origins in failures of leadership.
2. It is through leaders that we make most difference to the future and the legacy we leave behind.

Services. Icarus

For Chairs and Boards:

Board and CEO Team Review - We advise Chairs and Boards on whether their culture puts them at risk of crisis through hubris in their leaders. In some cases this can be part of a full fledged board review process. In other cases, boards are keen to focus on assessing hubris risk in CEO and other senior leaders and want an independent view on risk factors and behaviour. See Chair Hubris Asssessment

Leadership Hubris Assessment and Development - We support individual and cross-cadre leadership assessment and development efforts, focusing on hubris as a specific risk and developing ways to spot individuals and roles with specific risk factors.

Top Talent and Succession Planning - We support board Nomination Committees in testing the resilience and depth of talent assessments and succession plans which are mindful of hubris risks.

Services. HBR Failure Cover

For CEOs and Leadership Teams:

Lessons Learned - We work with CEOs and senior leadership teams before and after crises to understand the true root causes of the issues. We aim to ensure subsequent efforts in organisation design, leadership selection and organisation development address these issues thoroughly. We work to help you create a healthy organisation with a reputation built on a respect for truth and humble, authentic leadership values that is less at risk of future crises. See CEO Lessons Learned.

We work collaboratively with both executive and non-executive leaders to surface and address the real issues that threaten your organisation's long-term health and survival.

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