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"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching."

Mahatma Gandhi

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Our Thinking

Our services and interventions are based on a wide range of ideas and thinking across the fields of organisation development, psychology, philosophy and sociology.

Matt Nixon's new book Pariahs: Hubris, Reputation and Organisational Crises explains the basis for many of our beliefs.

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It was recently selected by the Financial Times as one of the "most thought-provoking books of the year"

He has also published an article Battling Hubris and Slides and written a chapter in a forthcoming book on Inspirational Leadership

Pariah Lifecycle

One of the core ideas we think is most important is the Pariah Lifecycle, which underpins much of our work. To download a PDF copy click here Pariah Lifecycle PDF

This model suggests that organisational crises are caused by cultural hubris, particularly amongst leaders.

Hubris in turn is made possible by what we call genesis conditions of rapid growth, strong brand, success/praise and weak governance.

Crises are of three types - operational, behavioural or financial.

After a crisis there is a period of nemesis, during which the organisation's very survival may be at risk.

Then there is an opportunity for true metamorphosis, leading to catharsis and forgiveness.

Alternatively, organisations may have an incomplete or skin-deep metamorphosis that does not address the root cause issues of the crisis, and may be doomed to repeat the pattern again until either there is learning or organisational death.

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VUCA Leadership

Leadership in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world is a complex topic, and relates to many of the themes of this blog, including how to avoid hubris and crises or respond to nemesis and achieve catharsis.

I recently wrote a chapter about leadership in a VUCA world for a book that is coming out later this year. In this chapter I have analysed the externalities which seem to be accelerating the strains, as well as the things that don't change, including the physical limitations on executives (who are, amazingly, just human beings like you and me).

Talking to clients about these issues in our consulting work, I realised we might do a better job of bringing together all the research in a simple and accessible format.

Every item on this list is based in research data as well as empirical data from experience.

Click on the image below or download VUCA Leadership PDF

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